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Dance Classes

At Jill Errington Theatre School Based In Newcastle Upon Tyne, We Cover A Wide Range Of Dance Lessons From Pre-School Dance To Commercial, Ballet, Jazz & Modern Dance.

We Teach Students From 2 Years Old To Adults

Every individual can find a class that meets their needs, no matter what their age. If you would like to know which classes would be most suitable for your child, please contact us.

Our Dance Classes Include:

  • Cheerleading Dance Classes

  • Musical Theatre

  • Pre-School Dance

  • R.A.D Ballet

  • Jazz Dance Classes

  • Commercial Dance Classes

  • Modern Dance Classes

  • Tap Dancing Classes

  • Toddlers Movement Classes

We Also Offer:

Pre-School Dance Classes

Before children even begin school so many benefits can be obtained by attending a pre-school dance class.

Not only will this improve their gross and fine motor skills, they will also develop cognitive skills, increase their social and emotional development and could be the start of a lifetime hobby.

Grownups can stay and join in the fun and experience.


We cover R.A.D Ballet and making sure students have a strong technique with safe and effective teaching methods.

ballet dance performers

Jazz / Commercial Dance Classes

Jazz / Commercial dance is an enjoyable and rewarding activity that helps  you improve coordination and core strength. Anyone interested in pursuing a career in the performing arts should consider this contemporary dance technique.

Let us help you become the dancer you always wanted to be. Our Jazz / Commercial dance lessons are available for teens and children of all ages.

Poms & Cheer Classes

Poms & Cheer dance is energetic, fun, social & challenging. Coupling dance movement & acrobatics to produce fun routines.


Lyrical Dancing

Lyrical dancing is a style that embodies aspects of ballet, jazz, acrobatics & modern dance.  With ballet technique & the freedom and musicality of jazz & contemporary.

Young Dance Students

Improve Your Dancing, Singing & Acting Skills.

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